Who we are:


We are citizens of the land surrounding the Ogunquit and Josias Rivers.

We work, live, and relax in this Beautiful Place by the Sea. We are surfers and paddlers, swimmers and waders. Whether in Wells or Ogunquit, Cape Neddick or South Berwick, we are connected by ribbons of water. Stephen's Brook. Leavitt Stream. Bragdon's Brook. We are clammers and fishers and birdwatchers. Some of us are on vacation. Others wish we were on vacation!

We are driven to action by the current condition of our rivers and streams.  Our streams should hold abundant life, rather than just act as conduits for polluted runoff. We want our rivers to be safe for swimming, and fishing, and harvesting shellfish. And so we are gathering neighbors - from Tatnic to Clay Hill, from Littlefield Village to Connecticut and Montreal -  to join us in the effort to protect these natural resources. Healthy Rivers Ogunquit was formed to channel all of our energy into cleaner water, from the headwaters in Cape Neddick, South Berwick, and Wells to the Ogunquit River estuary and the mouth of Perkins Cove. 
Join us!

We are stewards of our beautiful corner of the planet.

HeRO's volunteer-driven teams work to reduce the pollutants entering our rivers from stormwater runoff, lawn chemicals, automobile leaks and spills, faulty septic and sewer systems, animal waste, and plain-old trash. We teach river-friendly land practices and plant trees and shrubs to filter polluted runoff. We sponsor beach and river cleanups and monitor the condition of our local waterways. We encourage our neighbors and educate our guests because we can do better, together!

Our Governing Board:

Hi! I'm Suzanne Williams.

I've been working in the field of Sustainable Landscape Design for the past 16 years, from my early days as a Master Gardener and NWF Habitat Steward, to the present as a certified Chesapeake Bay Landscape Professional and a NOFA Accredited Organic Land Care Professional. I specialize in bay- and river-friendly, positive stormwater solutions to runoff and erosion issues. I have a degree in Biology from Brown University and a graduate professional certificate in Landscape Design from George Washington University. When I'm not bobbing in the waves off Little Beach, I'm kayaking in the river or taking my almost-daily walk on Ogunquit Beach, removing marine debris.

HeRO Bio pic Suzanne.jpg

Hi! I'm Megan Kelly.

I work as a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Manager, helping to foster inclusive culture and ensure equitable opportunities and outcomes for our workforce. I relocated from NYC to Ogunquit during the pandemic and enjoyed a summer of walking on the beach, kayaking in the river, and hiking local trails. I have a degree in Biology from Brown University, where I took several Environmental Studies courses and worked directly with the Office of Sustainability to support the university's initiatives, including the rollout of the school's first campus-wide composting program. I'm honored to combine my formal education with my passion for social impact to protect and preserve this beautiful place by the sea!

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Hi! I’m Jake Lawlor. My interest in environmental issues first grew out of surfing around Ogunquit beach, running and biking on local trails, and regularly catching glimpses of the diversity of wildlife our estuaries support. I majored in Environmental Studies (concentrating in Ecology & Earth Systems) and minored in history at Bates College. I also wrote a senior thesis that used a multi-scale approach to describe the state of brook trout habitat in the Ogunquit River, focusing on the ecological impacts of colonization and current development. I’m grateful to be a part of Healthy Rivers Ogunquit and for the opportunity to learn more about how we can preserve and restore the health of our ecosystems and all of the services they provide to our community.