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Where does the rain go?

No matter where you live, you are part of a watershed. A watershed is a region that drains into a particular body of water -  like a lake, stream, river, or ocean.  Hills and mountains form the boundaries between watersheds, with the high ground directing the rainfall and determining the path of ​its flow. Rain that falls on a home or a business in the Ogunquit River watershed will make its way to the Ogunquit River.

Courtesy of North Carolina Dept. of Natural Resources

Why does it matter?

At the local level, individual choices can have immediate, harmful effects on the water quality of our rivers, ponds and streams. A little fertilizer running off your lawn, some motor oil washing off your driveway -  that's just a proverbial drop in the bucket, right? When you consider  the land that drains into a particular stream, however, you can see that the impact is multiplied many times. And by the time that two streams merge, then form a river, which flows through a marsh and becomes an estuary... the problems become magnified and can devastate an ecosystem. 

And that runoff from your yard??? We're literally swimming in it!

Do you live, work, or play in our watershed? Your actions have an impact!

Click on either map to explore the limits of our watersheds.

Ogunquit River boundaries.jpg
Josias River Boundaries.jpg
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